You're Hired


Like everyone else, I watched last night's stunning, shocking, historic election results. I'm not sure what to make of it all, but I think we learned a little bit more about America's values. Time will tell what to make of a President Trump in the White House, but let's hope he doesn't put his last name in big gold letters on the outside of it.

Starting January 20th, Trump voters can spend the next 48 months evaluating the great improvement in their lives and watch how their country, which they no longer see as "great", returns to its former greatness. Or they can decide they were duped. When the 48 months are up, I suppose our celebrity BP-_Hammond.jpgobsessed nation can look forward to the 2020 race between Trump and Al Franken.

Speaking of presidential history, have you seen the Broadway show Hamilton? I'll take you under the stage where the real action is. Check out my interview with NYC bassist Richard Hammond, who plays in the pit for the mega-hit hip-hop musical, in the November issue of Bass Player.