This NEWS ARCHIVE section contains the last five years of news items I wrote for this site, until it went on hiatus in May of 2017. Feel free to look through it, however please note many links are not working properly (I'm currently in the process of fixing them all).

The News page will not be active again until January 2021.

The Angel Is Back 

Angela Bofill returns in June with her biggest compilation album to date. I Try:The Anthology 1978 - 1993 will be released June 16, available as a 2-CD set as well as digital formats on the Soul Music label. Fortunately for me the tune I co-wrote with Angie, "Let Me be The One", was included, and so this makes the 7th time that the song has been re-released since it was the title track of her Arista album Let Me Be The One. The new anthology features extensive liner notes from renowned writer A. Scott…

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James Jamerson Isolated Tracks, Ten Years Later 

I never intended to have a website. I had nothing to sell and no real interest in self promotion.

In 2004 I played an event at the White House for the Bush family, and was able to get a few photos with the President and his family as well as a handful of shots while I was roaming around the place. Since this was in the days before Instagram, I didn't know where I could share the photos with others, so at my wife's suggestion, and with the help of a popular hosting service, I decided to start a site…

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Full Circle 

My first foray into music journalism was way back in college. I was attending Hofstra University and figured I'd take a shot at writing for the school's newspaper, the Hofstra Chronicle. It was a cool experience. I got to write reviews and do a couple of interviews, and it helped me to eventually land a writing position for Good Times magazine, which was the biggest local music-only paper at the time.

At the Chronicle my very first interview assignment was with bassist Percy Jones of the fusion band…

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You're Hired 

Like everyone else, I watched last night's stunning, shocking, historic election results. I'm not sure what to make of it all, but I think we learned a little bit more about America's values. Time will tell what to make of a President Trump in the White House, but let's hope he doesn't put his last name in big gold letters on the outside of it.

Starting January 20th, Trump voters can spend the next 48 months evaluating the great improvement in their lives and watch how their country, which they no longer…

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Fifteen Years Ago 

A few months ago I was on a rare long break during a gig, and was chatting it up with one of the guys in the band. He had been looking at a website on his cell phone, so I asked him what he was checking out. Although he told me the site name, I don't recall what he said it was, but essentially it was a website that promotes various conspiracy theories. He was looking at pictures of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks on the site, and explained to me that many people believe it never happened; that it was…

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Maybe You Don't Have To Change Your Evil Ways After All 

Is it 1973 again? Iconic Latin-rockers Santana have just released Santana IV, which reunites original members Carlos Santana, Greg Rolie, Neil Schon, Michael Shrieve and Michael Carabello. Original bassist Dave Brown passed away in 2000, but longtime Santana low man Benny Rietveld lends his talents to the Santana fold once again. Benny and I got to talk all about it the day before Santana and Journey co-billed for a loud and raucous night at Madison Square Garden (double duty for Neil Schon!). It's always…

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Chauncey Gardiner For President 

There's an old movie that starred Peter Sellers titled Being There. The story is about a simple-minded gardener named Chance (played by Sellers) who spends his entire life living in the townhouse of a wealthy old man, tending the garden. Chance's entire knowledge of the world is derived from what he watches on television, and gardening of course. The old man dies, Chance moves out and wanders aimlessly until he gets hit by a car driven by an advisor to the U.S. president, who takes Chance in to recover…

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R.I.P. Maurice White 

It's hard to believe how many musical giants we've lost in just the past few months, but yesterday may have been the biggest of them all: Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire, who lost his long battle with Parkinson's. When I interviewed Verdine White a couple of years ago we spoke at length about his brother, and at the time I had gotten the sense that perhaps Maurice was worse off than the band acknowledged publicly. I admire the brave face that EWF put on when they released their 'comeback' album Now

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Late Show Bass 2.0 

The January 2016 issue of Bass Player includes my feature interview with Michael Thurber, bassist for the house band Jon Batiste & Stay Human on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Michael's a fascinating guy, really articulate, and-- might I add-- one helluva bassist. I enjoyed the interview and writing it up for BP.

I'd also like to thank everyone who's stopped by my YouTube channel Suchow TV, which recently topped five million channel views. There will be more videos to come in 2016, so stay tuned.

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Yes In The Press 

Big thanks to Yes for adding links on their official site and Facebook page to my Chris Squire cover story in this month's Bass Player, now online at Chris Squire: A Wonderous Journey.

Thanks as well to the official Chris Squire FB page for the same post. I appreciate all the nice comments from folks about the article, and I'm grateful to Bass Player for allowing me to write for their prestigious magazine and intelligent readership.

Due to the limitations of print space, my interviews with…

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For Your Consideration 

To our voting friends in the Recording Academy, for your Grammy consideration in this year's 58th Awards:


"The Secret Life Of Plants" Camille with Will Lee / arranged by Mitchel Forman and Rick Suchow


Camille - I Sing Stevie: The Stevie Wonder Songbook

We're now on the 1st Round ballot. All songs are available in full for download and streaming for a limited time on Camille's music page. Thank you in advance for your support!


A Wonderous Journey 

I was honored to be asked to write the Bass Player tribute to Yes bassist Chris Squire, who sadly passed away this summer from leukemia. The cover story tribute is available now in the BP November 2015 issue.

I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to interview Chris several years ago; it was certainly a highlight for me as a music journalist, and a conversation I won't soon forget.

Since there is really no way of telling Chris' story without including his iconic band mates from the glory years of Yes, I…

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The Stars Of David 

I've really enjoyed the last two interviews I've written for Bass Player. David Hood is a pretty legendary guy, having built his legacy decades ago with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. He's still going strong (now on tour with Mike Scott's band The Waterboys), but here's a partial list of some of the great artists he's recorded with (maybe you've heard of a few of them): Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Percy Sledge, Cher, Wilson Pickett, Boz Scaggs, Linda Ronstadt, Laura Nyro, Duane Allman, Willie Nelson…

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Gig # 3769 

It seems that every year starts out the same for me: I vow to do less, work less, take it easier, relax more. Hasn't seemed to work out that way yet.

Another brutal New York winter is finally over, thankfully. Now that the shivering has subsided and spring has sprung, some reflection is in order before I get back in the saddle of my non-stop life.

Although I only did two full length bass interviews in 2014, they were certainly highlights in my writing experience, and for one simple reason: both were…

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Real Deal Camille 



"Bravo! Love the version of 'As'... wonderful!" - Peter Erskine (Weather Report, Steely Dan)

"Camille has serious vocal skills and a wealth of experience to make her the perfect performer to attempt this musical 'Mount Everest'." - Raul Amador, Bass Musician Magazine

"I'm really impressed. Camille sounds great, a fantastic job." - Mitchel Forman (Metro, Wayne Shorter Group)


Just on word of mouth, Camille's new album landed in Amazon's Top 10 on three different charts in its first week of release…

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Let Me Be Your Download 

Many years ago, a tune I had co-written with then-Arista artist Angela Bofill snuck onto the radio and got a good dose of regular airplay. From that point on it seemed to have a life of its own, getting re-released on several of Angela's "best-of" collections and also being included in Sher Music Company's The New Real Book (the book went on to become the best selling legal fake book of all time, with over 100,000 copies sold).

The company recently informed me of their just-released digital version of…

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New Album, New Label 

I'm happy to announce that the official release date for Camille's new album is set for October 7th, which will coincide with the launch of her own record label Camilleon Records. As the date gets closer I'll have more to share about the making of this great recording, which features some stellar playing by Mitchel Forman, Will Lee, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Bobby Franceschini, Barry Danielian, Marc Quiñones and many others. I produced the album with Tommy Uzzo.

Camille's website,, is…

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